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My name is Chris Watson, I‘m a non-professional photographer, website designer and a full-time resident of the City of St. Pete Beach, Florida, USA.

I created this site to provide residents of St. Pete Beach, Isla Del Sol, nearby communities and friends and familes, to see an up-close view of the construction of the new Pinellas Bayway Bridge, that will connect Isla Del Sol and St. Pete Beach and which began in early 2012.

The original 50 year old, two-lane drawbridge is being replaced with a new four-lane, fixed-span bridge.

The new 65 foot-high bridge, will allow (most) boats to pass underneath without impacting motorists, it is therefore expected to improve traffic flow by reducing congestion.

The contractor began building the new Eastbound lanes on the Southern side of the existing bridge. They started by installing the pilings which are the foundations of the new bridge.

Construction of the new Southern Span carrying the Eastbound lanes took just over 15 months. Now that it is completed, single lane traffic has been moved onto the new bridge.

The contractor has now completely removed the old bridge and is in the process of building the new Northern Span carrying the Westbound lanes. This phase of the project is expected to take approximately 15 months and be finished in the Fall of 2014.

Please see the next page for more technical details. Picture courtesy of Mike Withers, photographed by him from his condo in Isla Del Sol.
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